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Candidasa’s Best Diving Spots


Candi Dasa, Bali

It’s a dream of each diver to find the best diving spot that includes a plethora of marine life within a serene setting. this is exactly what Candidasa in Bali gives you and it is no surprise that it has turn out to be one of the most famous diving locations in the globally. Some may even argue that Candidasa is the best diving spot in Bali perfect for a series of best safari dives due to the four rocky islands of Gili Tepekong, Gili Baha, Gili Mimpang and Gili Selang.

1. Gili Tepekong

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Diving Spots

This rocky outcrop is the bigger island next to Gili Mimpang and is located just off the coast in the Amuk Bay area. it is pleasant suited for experienced divers as currents can be quite strong specifically around the time of the full moon. Divers can expect surprising surroundings alongside eels, rays and a huge kind of fish as well as sharks. It includes three sites namely Blue hole, Shark Cave Rock, and The Canyon, each with its own unique features. Shark Cave Rock features lovely coral and a nice cave; a habitat for baby sharks. It is right for drift diving which might end at a terrific deep wall. The Canyon, that’s shaped like an amphitheater, gives a dramatic background to a school of fish with uncommon sightings of the mola mola, sharks, and other pelagic fish. Blue hole, also called The Wall, is a hole that’s 7-meters long where you’ll be greeted by means of a wall this is 40-meters deep and a risk to view big species of fish and some sea turtles.

Cost: $$$

2. Gili Mimpang

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Diving Spots

Additionally known as Batu Tiga or “Shark point”, Gili Mimpang should without a doubt be your next stop in your safari dive around Bali Candidasa. From the surface, this island appears as 3 large rocks followed by 6 smaller ones, and it’s far effortlessly accessible from Padang Bai through a 10-minute boat journey. Reputed to be the exceptional place in Bali to view sharks, divers can find Whitetip Sharks resting 25 meters deep within the reefs below or even the rare Wobbegong Shark, Coral Cat Shark and the mola molas all through the right season in addition to Moray Eels and Blue noticed Rays. Because of strong currents, this spot is perfect for expert divers and open water divers.

Cost: $$$

3. Gili Biaha

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Diving Spots

Featuring two main dive sites, Shark Cave and Biaha Slope, Gili Biaha is within the farthest area within Amuk Bay. Way to its strong and ever-changing currents, Gili Biaha attracts big fishes, which includes sharks and the sunfish. Best for PADI advanced Divers, the entire island is surrounded by rich and dense coral reefs, rugged wall and a slope. Divers may want to swim right into a small cave which is a home to a few drowsing Whitetip Reef Sharks as well as an abundance of lobsters and Lion Fishes. When the current is calm, you could go around the island and visit each site in a single dive.

Cost: $$$

4. Gili Selang

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Diving Spots

This is a new site that still on exploration process however it’s been mentioned to be a complicated way to strong currents that could carry you out to sea! It is thus perfect for PADI expert Divers. North of Gili Selang gives lots of surprises on the subject of marine lifestyles; you could see the bigger gray Reef Sharks and even the infamous Hammerhead sharks!

Cots: $$$

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