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Candidasa’s Best Shopping Places


Candi Dasa, Bali

Laidback, cozy and quiet, the shopping scene of Candidasa matches the overall atmosphere of the place. You won’t see any competitive hawkers enforcing their products whilst wandering alongside the shaded streets of the village. Rather, you can anticipate to discover a plethora of brilliant shops selling lovely, handmade items, traditional sarongs, and books. Discover the best shopping in Candidasa and experience a bit of retail therapy in this lovely quite village in East Bali.

1. Nadi’s Bookstore

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Shopping Places

Small and welcoming, Nadi’s book place houses a really remarkable series of uncommon maps, modern travel courses and an impressive series of books in numerous languages. Art connoisseurs will be surprised with the aid of the lovely Chinese porcelain urns, colorful plates and hand-crafted Buddha statues featured at the shop.

Address: Jln WR Supratman (Kesiman)
Price: $

2. Family Shop

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Shopping Places

Family Shop is a small shop offering beautiful artwork pieces, handicrafts, souvenirs and colorful sarongs at fixed expenses. Most favorite location to shop among locals, this tiny store has rapidly gained the popularity of a truthful and respectable place to shop for authentic souvenirs to bring back home.

Address: Jalan raya Candidasa, Bugbug Samuh, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali
Phone: 0819-1611-0707
Price: $

3. Segara Wangi Artshop and Gallery

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Shopping Places

Segara Wangi Artshop and Gallery selling authentic Balinese handicrafts and art. Mosaic plates and tremendous antique pieces, as well as modern housewares, are also available at good deal prices. You may also find authentic Balinese masks and other cultural artifacts, so keep in mind to keep some space in your bags.

Address: Jl. Raya CAndidasa, Amlapura, Sengkidu, Manggis, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80851
Phone: 0821-4656-2222
Price: $

4. Inspiration

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Shopping Places

Placed close to Astawa restaurant, inspiration shop offers a variety of splendid sarongs, silk, ikat fabrics and home decor. You could additionally find high-quality clothes for your special person made for natural materials. True Balinese artwork and handicrafts also are available for purchase.

Address: Jalan Raya, Candidasa, Karangasem, Indonesia
Price: $$

5. Alam Zempol

The Bali Review Candidasa’s Best Shopping Places

Alam Zempol is positioned in the close to village of Sengkidu, and it’s a herbal spa merchandise shop. Offering natural soaps, bath and aroma merchandise, important oils and herbal hair merchandise, this tiny shop is a must-see if you want to treat your body to the herbal and natural spa.

Address: Manggis Karangasem,Indonesia 80871, Jl. Mendira, Sengkidu, karangasem, Bali, 80871
Phone: (0363) 41283
Price: $

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