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Kuta’s Best Alternative Activities


Kuta, Bali

1. Enjoy An Amazing Sunset View From Kuta Beach

The Bali Review Kuta's Best Alternative Activities

Located on the western side of the Bali island, Kuta beach is considered Bali’s one of the most famous beach resort locations. Once a clean, primitive and quiet fishing village, Kuta beach has witnessed various changes over the past years due to the rise of numerous dining, inns, and shopping revel in. There is not an awful lot you can experience and spot in Kuta itself, however, the white sandy seaside prolongs beyond the airport into Jimbaran. Considered as Bali’s best sunset spot, each day during the late afternoon hundreds and thousands of people gather to witness the astounding sunsets and combined with mouthwatering seafood eating in the cluster beachside cafes. The sunsets here are pleasant for your eyes around December, so remember to bring your camera.

Cost: $

2. Have Fun at Bali Waterbom Bali

The Bali Review Kuta's Best Alternative Activities

Defined as one of the excellent places to go to Kuta stretch, Waterbom Bali is located inside the lush tropical gardens with many extraordinary rides and sights. Breathing taking water slides slice thru 3.8 hectares of tropical panorama supplying tons of fun and enjoyment for the young at heart and the young! There are around 101 electrifying activities on land and in water to obtain at your very own pace for a day, that’s perfect for the own family or for a getaway. With multiple choice of dining place and a swim-up bar for tropical drinks, Waterbom Bali is the one-stop entertainment capital of Bali.

Cost: $$$

3. Learn surfing at Odysseys Surf School

The Bali Review Kuta's Best Alternative Activities

Surfing with Odysseys Surf School is constantly about having intense fun. Even if you assume that surfing is easy, the school nonetheless presents you with an awesome surfing lesson for beginners. By joining the beginners surfing classes, you’ll enhance your surfing talent at your personal pace. To the ones wondering seriously about gaining knowledge of to surf in Bali, the maximum important thing to do is to pick the right trainer. With Odysseys Surf School, not only will provide you with a fun time at the same time as taking your beginners classes, but will also attempt to accumulate your water and surfing confidence through our beginner Bali surf lesson training.

Cost: $$$-$$$$$

4. Adore the Dream Museum Zone

The Bali Review Kuta's Best Alternative Activities

Dream Museum zone (DMZ) Bali is an interactive and artwork gallery boasting a huge collection of 3D, life-size work of art for visitors to pose and play with. The gallery features an array of professionally painted artworks that serves as an interactive backdrop for delusive 3D pictures. The facility boasts an impressive 120 unique artworks in 14 exceptional categories across 3 stages, which give a full-day of discovery and creativity. The effects are made using simplest paint and properly-located lighting, and it’s really stunning. You may easily find yourselves posing alone or together, to capture that ideal shot.

Cost: $$

5. Enjoy a performance at Kuta Theater

The Bali Review Kuta's Best Alternative Activities

Kuta Theater is the best place where you can witness a cultural display with a completely unique twist in Bali. The theater boasts nightly level performances, with most of its solid in glittering Balinese dance costumes, The theater is a better alternative to the beach, as well as the clubs, bars, nightlife offerings in Kuta, and in reality a top notch area to visit before the dinner. because the stage curtains open to a simplify the rendition of the Legong Dance. Then the magicians and their assisting and characters take over the scene, acting sets of illusions with a touch of theatrical drama and thriller around it.

Cost: $$

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