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Gili’s Best Thing to Do


Gili, Bali

1. Snorkeling

The Bali Review Gili’s Best Thing to Do

In case you don’t like scuba diving, you may revel in the submarine panorama simply with a mask and a snorkel! One of the Gili islands incredible activity in preserving sea turtles and the coral reef is also preserved by a local eco association so you can spot sea turtles and beautiful coral whilst snorkel right off the beach! Swimming in crystal clear water with a sea turtle is the great way to spend a day!

Cost: $

2. Sea Food BBQ

The Bali Review Gili’s Best Thing to Do

Lobster, shrimp, tuna, mahimahi, snapper or squid, pick your preferred among the many kinds of seafood to be had on the Gili islands. For traditional dining, stroll by the many eating places with fish on show and pick out the one freshest. And enjoy your seafood bbq along the astonishing seaside.

Price: $-$$$

3. Bike around the island

The Bali Review Gili’s Best Thing to Do

Bike around the island surely recommended you to use one of the free bicycle offers by some Villas during your stay or simply rent it from the vendor across the Island to ride through the beautiful nature of Gili Trawangan. You may bike around in less than an hour, but if you bring swimwear and snorkeling gear and take time splash in the water an excursion alongside the coast street can change into a day trip, and why not end up on the west coast around 6 pm to enjoy the fantastic sunset? Keep in mind to carry water and to cover your head.

Cost: $

4. Shopping

The Bali Review Gili’s Best Thing to Do

Gili Trawangan offers a numerous type of boutique and store! After your afternoon at the seashore, you can spend a while at the beachfront street to shopping! Certainly one of best things of Gilis. From the stores, you can expect extraordinary local jewels and incredible summer garments!

Price: $-$$

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